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Operation precautions of edge banding machine

Operation precautions of edge banding machine

The operation of the edge banding machine is very simple. Ordinary workers can operate it through simple on-the-job training, but some details still need to be paid attention to. Next, I summarize the common problems in the daily operation of the edge banding machine, and hope that you can pay attention to them.
(1) If the thick edge banding belt is selected for edge banding, the tightness of the pressing roller of the edge banding machine shall be adjusted to a better position, and the easy problem is that it is pressed too tight. Because the edge banding belt is slightly longer than the workpiece, when the pressing roller presses the long part of the edge banding belt, it gives the edge banding belt a force perpendicular to the feed direction. At this time, because the adhesive has not fully solidified, the adhesive strength is not high, and the tail is easy to loosen and not firmly adhered.
(2) When processing, the indoor temperature should not be too low. Generally, it should be above 15 ° C, especially when the edge banding belt is thick, the flexibility will be insufficient. To ensure the normal operation of the preheating device, if there is no preheating device, you can also use the method of hair dryer heating to soften the edge banding belt, which is especially suitable for curve edge banding. There shall be no ventilation in the processing workshop.
(3) The moisture content of solid wood edge banding material should not be too high. It should be stored in a cool and dry room. The base material should be dust-free, and the better moisture content is 8-10%.
(4) Due to the fast edge sealing speed, the adhesive should have good dispersion and permeability to the substrate under low pressure, and have good initial adhesion. Under the action of short time pressure, it should be glued instantly and firmly. During use, pay attention to ensure that the temperature of hot melt adhesive is within the normal temperature range, and if the temperature is too high for a long time, the adhesive will be separated; if the temperature is too low, the hot melt adhesive will not reach good fluidity, and the data provided by the supplier shall be mastered during use.
(5) The amount of hot-melt adhesive shall be subject to slightly extruding the outer edge of the glued part. If it is too large, there is a black line at the edge, which affects the appearance; if it is too small, the bonding strength is not enough. In order to check whether the adhesive film is continuous, transparent rigid PVC tape can be used for testing; or common edge banding tape can be used for edge banding, and the edge banding tape can be torn off for inspection when the adhesive is not cooled.
(6) For the manufacturer who uses the edge banding machine without front milling cutter, the cutting quality of the semi-finished products to be edge banding also affects the edge banding effect. In order to prevent the product from bursting, the general manufacturer will use a scoring saw (commonly known as a small saw blade) when cutting. After cutting, the better effect should be that the small saw blade mark can be seen at the section but can not be felt. When the small saw blade is too deep to seal the edge, a black line or even a gap can be seen at the edge, which is too shallow and explosive.
The above six points are more common problems, as long as I said to operate can better use edge banding machine.

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